Suite I (edition 10), Installation at Commissary Arts, Venice, CA 2008
Suite II (edition 10), Installation at Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2006-7

“Printmaker and digital artist Nancy Macko presents two versions of The First Ten Prime Numbers, suites of images about the building block of mathematics, the number that (as defined by the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid) has no whole-number divisor other than 1 and itself (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 17, and so on). The first surprise in Macko’s pieces is her unusual art material, the page reinforcement, now resplendent in copper or gold (as if the old gummed variety had undergone a Cinderella transformation). The page reinforcement carries, of course, associations that are both utilitarian (homework in a loose-ring binder) and abstract (the cipher, the letter, the orb, the circle within the circle). At the same time, its shape is – a second surprise – so profoundly satisfying as to evoke a line from poet Edna St. Vincent Millay: ‘Euclid alone has looked on Beauty bare.’” Patricia Albers, Curator, COUNTERPARTS:Art from Mathematics, Peninsula Museum of Art, Belmont, CA (September - November 2004)

Click here to see the Installation of Suite I at the Portland Art Museum, 2006-7
(part of the Gilkey Center for Graphic Art Collection)

The First Ten Prime Numbers, Suite I, 2004

Lithography printed on Rives Cream BFK, 30 X 22" each


The First Ten Prime Numbers, Suite II, 2004

Aquatint, lithography, metallic powdered pigment printed on Rives White BFK

Image: 12 X 12", Paper size: 16 X 15"