“Also included in 'Counterparts' is Macko’s Dark Matter series in which the same metallic page reinforcements shimmer and float across inky voids – suggesting intergalactic distances, ocean depths, intracellular space, or so-called mathematical prime deserts. In these pieces, Macko works by instinct, drawing upon the ideas of Zen composer / philosopher John Cage, who would maintain that every reinforcement is in exactly the right place but that every other place would also be exactly right.”

(Patricia Albers, Curator, COUNTERPARTS:Art from Mathematics, Peninsula Museum of Art, Sept - Nov, 2004)



Nancy Macko's Dark Matter #3, in which small vinyl circles shimmer and float across a black expanse, suggests new constellations or cell formations and calls to mind the vastness of space and the fluidity/fragility of the macro/micro world.”

(Fred Moreno, “Heads Up! Artists Contemplate the Skies in Gallery Exhibit,”Update, New York Academy of Sciences Magazine, July/August 2003)


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